2020 libra horoscope february 15

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As a rat you have a sharp observation and always alert. Use these unique advantages together with your acute instinct to tackle thinking, creative, and inventive tasks. You thrive in an environment that is somewhat unpredictable, especially because you have the ability to solve problems before they arise.

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You will harvest success because of your willpower and persistence. Bosses and colleagues will recognise your capability and this is your ticket to earning a handsome salary. You'd enjoy a career as an archaeologist, mechanic , banker , engineer. You are born with a love for nature, so you should feel comfortable with pursuing an artsy career in literature or editing , and even medical transcription.

Tigers are active and they prefer work that requires lots of energy.

Libra Horoscope 2020: Brace Yourself For A Rough Ride!

They therefore make excellent managers , travel agents and actors. Always ready with a quick response, you may enjoy being an entrepreneur, comedian, pilot or advertising agent. Other jobs: Firefighter, Event planner , Adventurer. Rabbits generally have a good mind for business, with a special eye for taking good risks. You should consider a career in real estate or fashion design. As someone who articulates yourself well, you will be a successful writer , teacher and public relations officer.

You are prepared to devote yourself to your job and are really very responsible. Your persistent nature will be handy in all of these fields too. Dragons have brilliant leadership skills and are destined to play an important role in their companies. You are also sometimes described as overly enthusiastic.

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Dragons do not enjoy unchanging occupations and should avoid office work , by rather pursuing business affairs. Careers that allow you to use your creative side are also good, so you should think about entering the world of fashion designing, advertising or anything in the television industry. You have an eye for trends and will enjoy an adventurous career so perhaps you should consider becoming a pilot , or hiking guide.

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Other jobs: Lawyer , Computer analyst , Engineer. You do get bored quite easily and typically fall into a life of job hopping. Snakes manage difficulties quite well and have a good sense of responsibility.

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For your Libra Horoscope , get used to no more rollercoasters in your relationship house! Basically you have had a seven-year itch that saw any decent love option run a mile everytime commitment was brought up.

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Well, now you can now take your feet off the pedals and stop trying so hard when it comes to romance. Now there is no more Uranus jumping out from behind your shoulder and spooking anyone sensible entering your life. If you are a Libra that enjoys freedom and change you, might have trouble adjusting to the new calmer waters.

You start the year briskly with Mars in your marriage house so you may find that you are on a mission when it comes to your love life. Unplug the weapon for crying out loud, as you might burn someone! Uranus is back!?

builttospill.reclaim.hosting/furrier-tanner-nociones-y-tcnicas.php You will certainly know who your friends are and you might well need them on your side when defending yourself against the wild mob who are hurling knives at you. You need to be able to take the high ground and not rise to the bait. The best approach with lovers is to make love, not war. It really is the only option. You might, but Jupiter in your solar fifth house is more about playing the field and filling your evenings and weekends with fun. Jupiter is just as terrific for couples in love, who can rediscover the sizzle of romance.

All this activity on the social scene will put you in touch with many people, which is great for networking as well as widening your circle of friendship. You might also want to fill some of your leisure-time hours with sports, exercise, cultural events, and weekend trips. If you want to get in shape, consider joining a gym, learn to play golf or tennis, or walk, bike, or skate with a neighbor. Some Libras will welcome an addition to the family. Creativity is another fifth house theme. Take advantage of this year to explore yours.

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Learn a new hobby, redecorate your home, delve into scrapbooking, or master a computer graphics program. Use your imagination.

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Now is the time to develop or perfect your innate talents, which will in some way benefit you in the next year, when Jupiter moves on to Pisces, your solar sixth house of daily work. Jupiter has another side: expansion. And while that can be fortunate, it also can manifest as too much of a good thing.

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