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The remedies are suggested taking into consideration, the different deities indicated by the planets and nakshatras. In prashna Shastra and matching of horoscopes, even the consonants and Predictive Astrology 33 vowels are considered because they are also governed and owned by seven planets. Presently a discussion about them may appear to a beginner a futile and useless exercise. All combination and yogas are formed on the basis of interrelationship between different planets, their positions in different Rashis, in different Nakshatras and their mutual distance and positions.

Let us discuss them one by one. The planets move through these nakshatras. The planets have their speed of motion. Planet Motion per day approx. Sun 1 degree Moon 13 to 15 degrees Mars 30 to 45 minutes Mercury 65 to Minutes. Venus 62 to 82 minutes Jupiter 5 to 15 minutes Saturn 2 minutes Node 3 minutes With such different motions, a planet establishes a relation through longitudinal distances with other planets.

This relationship of the planets each other have great deal of utility in Astrology. Rahu and Ketu have no place of their own. But they give effect of the sign they occupy or the planets they are associated with. The detailed discussion will be taken up later on. Jupiter, Venus, increasing Moon, well associated Mercury are benefics. If r Waning Moon and Mercury are together, both are malefic. Being the soul of universe and Karaka for father can never be same like other malefics.

He may be strict, The western astrologer Sepharical has treated the Sun as a benefic planet. The other western astrologers have treated the Sun as responsible for causing separation. These are to be carefully understood before we study the birth chart. Let us first study the properties of each planet : 1. He rules fuel, hides and skin, wool, weapons, silk cloth, pungent flavour, husk of grains, gold, fire, poisons, medicines, doctors, kings and statesman and wheat. Sun is producer, sower and developer of seeds. Sun is called father of the world.

He is sou! Places Places ruled by the Sun are: Open places, range of mountains and hills, forest, capital towns and places of worship, Shiva temple, ocean, courts, exhibitions, social gatherings, fort, region where there is no water, eastern quarter. Parts of Body The parts of body over which he has control are the head, stomach, bones, heart, arteries blood circulation , eyes brain, throat, spleen and strength of tissues, belly.

Diseases Diseases that are caused by him are blood pressure, high fever, cerebral disorders, eye diseases, throat, ear and nose diseases, consumption and dysentery are caused by him when he is in watery signs afflicted by malefic planets in unfavourable houses. The Moon is the ruler of the mind and intelligence, mental disposition, heart, mother, beauty, saturation of blood, renowned persons, young women, fond of walking, soft in speech, magnetic force, scent, juice, fickleminded and very lustful.

Watery substances, lakes, sea, temple of Goddess Durga, vegetation, rain, textile, chemicals fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals , alcohol, milk, honey, sugarcane, pearls, sweet things, rice, barely, wheat and agriculturists. Parts of Body The organs of the body ruled by her are the arteries, nerves, brain, fat, stomach, uterus, bladder, breast, ovaries and organs of procreation. Diseases Diseases that are caused by her are venereal diseases, jaundice, dyspepsia, asthma, bronchitis, skin diseases etc.

She is phlegmatic and windy. Independence, persistence, youthful age. Mars is a Malefic planet. He represents younger brother, masculine, blood-red colour, refine taste base, rotten things, ambassadors, military activities, commerce, aerial journeys, weaving, public speakers. Mars is the battlefield and commander-in-chief of celestial army. Reddish in colour, hot and fiery, limbs, urinary system, logic, fire places. Kitchen, engine room, boiler, night workers, murders, conspiracy, strikes, enemy, wounds, tine, organising capacity, executive abilities, leadership.

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Predictive Astrology 39 over labourers, police department and scandals. Materials governed by him are copper, metals, mines, minerals and ores, gold field, coral, weapons, land and tobacco. Parts of Body Parts of the body ruled by him are bile, ears, nose, forehead, sinews, fibre and muscular tissues. Diseases Diseases caused by Mars are rupture of veins and arteries, diseases of bone marrow, haemorrhage, abortions, menstrual disorders, gonorrhoea, muscular rheumatism, humps and burns.

Hence it falls in the category of inferior planets. It's mean distance from the Sun is 35,, miles and its diameter is miles. Benefic, when associated with benefic planets. Malefic, when associated with malefic planets. Mercury is fond if fun. He has lots of information on various topics and is intelligent. He is the Prince among the heavenly bodies. He is earthy in composition, spare, thin and green in colour, mercantile activity, public speakers, cold and nervous.

He rules over commerce, churches, schools, playgrounds, parks, gambling dens, delights in damage. Other things ruled by him are mechanics, clerks, 40 Predictive Astrology water, poetry intellect, education, authorship, maternal uncles, maternal grand fathers and paternal relatives, palatial buildings, horses, doctors and tradesman. Parts of the body Parts of the body ruled by him are brain, tongue, nervous system, thyroid gland, skin, neck and power of speech.

Diseases Dumbness, insanity, loss of memory, headache and skin diseases, fits, smallpox, plenty of bile, phlegm and wind in composition. He is fat and phlegmatic with a tali and heavy carrier, corpulence, loud and heavy voice. Masculine, benefic, bright, yellow colour, devotion, progeny, truthfulness, religious fervour, philosophical and aptitude for every science.

It represents wealth, fame, sons and grandsons, children, learned men, grandfather, intellect, education, minister, advisor, ether, scriptures, quick silver, cardamons, banks and insurance companies. He is the essence of knowledge and wisdom. Preceptor of God. He represents topaz, treasure house and places where learned men live. Gold is his metal wealth. Parts of Body He has domain over fat, stomach and intestine in the body.

V Predictive Astrology 41 Diseases The diseases caused by him are liver troubles, dropsy, flatulence, abscess, carbuncles, degeneration of fat, digestive troubles, kidneys. Jupiter has been defined as Deva Guru, Gnan Karaka. She has domain over vehicles, sugarcane industries, trade, chemicals, medicines, silk, cotton fine quality , luxury articles, passion, pleasure, maid servants, perfumes, and musical instruments.

Parts of Body The parts of body ruled by her are sexual organs, semen, muscles, thighs, urine and hair. Diseases She causes diseases like venereal complaints, sexual disability, muscular rheumatism, loss of eyesight and power of smell, spermatorrhoea and leucorrhoea. He has stiff hair, large limbs, dark body, malefic, stubbornness, impetuosity, demoralisation, windy diseases, despondency, gambling. He rules the air, mountains and hills, forest region and dirty places.

He has domain over iron, sapphire, cremation grounds and burial places, prisons and old people. The commodities presided over by him are black gram, hemp, barley and oils. Parts of the Body Parts of body ruled by him are bladder, excretory system, teeth, muscles, wrist and feet. Disease Diseases caused by Saturn are muscular pains, toothache, asthma, tuberculosis, epilepsy, hysteria, pains in the joints and ulcers.

He is materialistic, foreign travels and intrigues with low class people. He rules the paternal grandfather, maternal grand mother. Parts of Body The parts of the body ruled by Rahu are skin and blood. He rules maternal grand father and paternal grand mother. Malefic, religious, sectarian principles, pride, selfishness, occultism. Diseases He rules intestinal worms, smallpox, cholera and other epidemics. He generally causes the same diseases as Rahu. Caste : Low caste Sex: Hermaphrodite Direction : South West Malefics always tend to do harm but under certain conditions, the intensity of the mischief is tempered.

Benefics on the other hand tend to do good, but some times they also become capable of doing harm. We have already read about the planets their lordship of the signs Rashis in para 1. Due to the motion of the planets in the Zodiac, they pass through certain degrees of constellations and Rashis signs , they acquire or loose strength or power. In this chapter we will discuss the position of the planets where they are treated strong, strongest, medium or otherwise.

It is essential to know about 44 Predictive Astrology the strength of the planet, otherwise we will not be able to predict whether in certain situation a planet would give good, evil or nil effect. The following chart will give us the position of the planets acquiring certain positions by virtue of their Longitudes. Point of deep exaltation and debilitation. Planet Deep Exaltation Deep Debilitation 1. Debilitated Rahu in Sagittarius and Ketu in Gemini. If the Sun is in Aries, we say that the Sun is in the sign of exaltation and therefore strong or that the Sun is exalted.

But if the Sun is in Libra, the Sun is Predictive Astrology 45 in his sign of debilitation and therefore weak or the Sun is debilitated. Exalted planets give good result and debilitated planets give reverse result. The debilitated planet becomes weak, hence is not in a position to give results properly. The malefic will not cause inauspicious result and the benefic will not give auspicious results. While in a state of fall, planets give results contrary to those when in exaltation.

Above 20 degrees is in own house. Above 12 degrees is in own house. Above 10 degrees is in own house. Above 15 degrees is in own house. He was master of strictest logic, yet so sweet-tongued, that he was abie to convince thousands and thousands of his opponents. Aurangzeb has debilitated Sun. He had exalted Moon Manas or Mind which indicated vast ability and patience.

The disposition of the Sun made him habitually auspicious and the mistakes of his political conduct were sufficiently evident. For the guidance of students we have shown the distinction between the behaviour of an exalted planet and a debilitated planet. But it should be well understood unless the complete analysis of the horoscope, together with other Astrological principles which will be discussed later on is done no fruitful results or final conclusion can be arrived at.

Predictive Astrology 47 posited in own sign, exalted sign, mooltrikona sign, friendly sign, debilitation and enemy's sign is to make the students understand the effects of relative strength of the planets. A beggar is no chooser, he depends upon the help of others.

This fortnight is called dark half Krishna Paksha. The other transit of Moon from the Sun to just opposite position 7th house from the Sun at a distance of degrees is called waxing Moon. This fortnight is called bright half Shukla Paksha. Questions 1. What are the properties of Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter? Give the names of Masculine Piagets and Eunuch Planets?

Is there any lordship assigned to Rahu and Ketu?

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Write Exaltation and Debilitation position of all planets with degrees? What is the utility of these Planetary positions? Give the Mooltrikona signs of all the seven planets with degrees and also write about the significance of these planetary positions? We are also acquanted with the planets owning these Rashis and also understood the characteristics of the planets. In this lesson we will discuss about the characteristics of the signs Rashis. Unless we are aware of the effects of the signs and their nature, we will not be able to understand the effects of the combination of the planets in these signs.

So we have to seriously understand the characteristics of the twelve signs. All Agni and Vayu Rashis and all odd signs. The male signs are dominating, active and aggressive. All Jal and Prithvi Rashis and even signs. The Female signs are mild, submissive and passive. This subject can be studied in detail while learning Medical Astrology.

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There are still more methods to divide 12 Rashis into many parts to cover each and every part of the body. For this Drekkana 1 Dreshkana and Dwadashamsha 2 are also used. Bilious Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Windy Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Mix Gemini, Libra, Aquarious. Phelgm Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Both v and vi are very useful in Medical Astrology. The connection of planets with these Rashis produces results. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Vaishyas All Earthy signs are Vaishyas Traders, farmers etc.

Virgo, Capricorn. This is very useful in judging the nature, inclination etc. These can be used for many purposes, but they are mostly used to decide from which directions the bridegroom will come and also to which directions the person has gone or will go or transferred etc. Quadruped Aries, Taurus, Leo, later half of Sagittarius represented by horse and first half of Capricorn front portion is of goat. Watery Cancer, pisces and later half of Capricorn. Keeta Scorpio insect etc. Quadruped are strong if they fall on tenth cusp. Watery signs are deemed to be endowed with strength if they are on the fourth cusp.

Reptiles are strong on the seventh cusp. Biped signs are strong during day.

Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Miscellaneous Yoga, Chapter XVI, Part – 3

Quadruped signs are strong during night. Reptile signs are strong at dawn and at sunset. Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn while rising the part of the body having tail rises first. The above classifications have been discussed to have acquaintance with the characteristics of the signs. Colour- blood red, lunar sign, Malefic sign, strong, short Ascension, Abodes in forest. He has round eyes, square face, good practicability, social, bad temper, does not hesitate to utter falsehood. Prishtodaya sign. Rajoguna predominates and blind at dead of night. Colour-white, Lunar sign, benefic, broad thighs, big face, forgiving, hardship, prominent eyes, behave likfe a bull, practical ability, bad temper when provoked, villages, businessmen, Prishtodaya, strong at night.

Blind at mid day. Colour- black, solar sign medium ascension, shirshodaya sign, market place, fair appearance, impartial in argument, brave, body slender in youth but bends to corpulence, round face, good complexion, malefic sign. Deaf in the forenoon. Broad and expansive eyes and a broad chest, suffer from disease in early age, will do cruel acts, self reliance, courage, endurance and executive ability, Benefic sign. Brownnish colour, solar sign, in malefic, strong in day, long ascension, Prishtodaya sign, abodes battle field, long face and neck, big ears and nose, great strength, liberal, cheerful, good at heart, likes physical culture and travelling, and having loud voice.

Deaf in the afternoon and lame and become fatal in two periods of twilight. Wheatish yellow colour, solar sign, benefic, average ascension, Prishtodaya sign weak in the lower limbs, good strength, indolent, prominent nose etc. Deaf in the afternoon and lame and becomes fate in the two periods of twilight TRi. Colour darkish white, Lunar sign, legs, malefic, strong in day, shirshodaya sign etc. Fair looking, intellectual, hair dark and has forgiving temperment. What do you know about the characteristics of the planets?

Do you think the physical and mental growth of the human beings are influenced by the characteristics of the planets? Write short notes on : a Movable, fixed and dual signs. What do you think about the castes represented by Rashis signs? Is there any relation between castes and Tatwas represented by Zodiac signs?

What do you know about Diurnal and Nocturnal signs?. Discuss how the characteristics of rashis help an astrologer to predict. If the characteristics of Leo sign and the sun are taken together, what will you say about the native born with Leo as his Ascendant. One who does the work of others on their behalf as a duty assigned to him or gives similar results as expected from other planet, is called Karaka for that planet.

Karakatwa is the duty assigned to him Karaka. In the astrological terms a planet doing the work of a house is called Karaka of that house Bhava. Here a question arses as to what is a house. The sign rising in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of the native is called first house Lagna or Ascendent , the subsequent Rasis rising after that are respectively called 2nd house, 3rd house, 4th house and so on upto 12th house till the same sign rises again. This complete round of the circle gives us I to XII houses of the Birth chart and the position of the planets transiting in there different signs now known as different bhavas for this native comprise a horoscope.

The planets, which are lord of respective signs, remains the lords of the bhavas represented by the signs or Rashis. Predictive Astrology 63 Illustrations: Let us presume that the Libra was rising in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a native. Libra becomes the ascendant for the birth chart of that native. The next sign to Libra is Scorpio, which is the second house for this chart, Sagittarius the third, Capricorn the fourth, Aqaurius the fifth, Pisces the sixth, Aries the seventh, Taurus the eighth, Gemini the ninth, Cancer the tenth, Leo eleventh and Kanya twelfth bhavas.

The Rasis Signs are indicated as 1, 2, The planets have been assigned the work of these bhavas also. For predictive purposes we analyse the disposition of house, lord of that house and the Karaka of that house. After studying about these three factors we can intrepret the results of a bhava. We now discuss briefly about these bhava and their functions.

V house Putra bhava about children, progeny VI house Gnati Ari bhava, enemy and maternal uncle etc Ragasthana disease. XII house Vyaya bhava expenditure etc. There are planets which are significators of the results of these houses and give results accordingly. For example: Let us discuss about the 4th house. The fourth house represents mother and vehicle besides many other things. The fourth house and the lord of the fourth house means the lord of the sign which is fourth from the sign of Ascendant or Lagna , will tell us about the mother and vehicle both. If while analysing the chart we find that: a There is a time of change which is shown from the study of 4th house i.

Should we predict change of vehicle or house or mother. It is a bad period for mother, vehicle or for what? So to arrive at a particular point question or event the Rishis have given us many methods, such as the different vargas etc. The Karakas are also very helpful to analyse such matters and help us to reach to an accurate prediction. The Moon as Karaka tells us about the mother. Any affliction to the Moon together with affliction to 4th house and 4th lord will show a bad period for mother.

In a similar way if an astrologer finds affliction to the 4th house and 4th lord and instead of the Moon, to Venus Karaka for vehicle a prediction can be given about vehicle. Thus it would now be clear that the matter events governed by any house or its lord should also be judged from the Karaka planet for that bhava to arrive at a precise conclusion. The use and importance of the knowledge about the functioning of planets, and their Karakatwas and their relations with different bhavas in the horoscope is very relevant. Unless these three factors are well considered, any conclusion will be wrong or unscientific.

Predictive Astrology ii MOON Moon is the Karaka for the heart some learned astrologers treats her so, but some do not , left eye, understanding inclination, emotions, sleep, happiness, good name and fame, facial lustre, mother, royal favour, affluence wealth travel, distance journeys also water reservoirs etc. Predictive Astrology 67 vi VENUS Venus is the Karaka for wife, marriage, sexual matters, genital organ, pleasure of the senses so in a female nativity Venus may be a co-Karaka along with jupiter for the husband singing, poetry, scents, ornaments, jewellery, all articles of luxury, cooperation from and with others, flowers, flowering trees, beauty, buying and selling, cows, watery places, whiteness etc.

Note: Rahu acts like Saturn and Ketu acts like Mars. Predictive Astrology 3. Spouse wife , vehicle, house etc.

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Longevity, servants, service etc. Predictive Astrology Questions 1. Name the Fiery, Earthy and Airy Signs?. How does this classification help in predictive astrology? What are the odd and even Rashis, benefic and malefic Rashis, male and female signs? Who is the Karaka for longevity, spouse, movable and immovable property, mother and father?

Write about the Karaka of each house? The planets on account of their incessant movements get into certain states of existence known as avasthas. Baladi Avastha These are bal infant , Kumar youthful , Yuva adolescent , Vriddha old and Mrit dead and these five states are based on the degrees attained by a planet in a sign Rashi.

In odd signs these states are placed in ascending order at the rate of 6 degrees. In even signs these states are laced in decending order at the rate of 6 degrees. In between a planet moving towards the exaltation top is called Uchchabhilashi and the planet moving from the top of exaltation to deep point of debilitation is called Neechabhilashi. Each planet assumes significance in a certain sign, as it becomes highly favourable when in exaltation and highly detrimental when in debilitation.

The charts on the next page may further clear this view: Note: The points of exaltation and debilitation of Nodes Rahu and Ketu , refer para 1. This is the state a vastha of a planet when he is not in a position to give good effect or the results of the house owned. The folowing table will give the state when a planet becomes combust. But they eclipse or obstruct the Sun.

A basic phenomena in combustion is that the combust planet does not heliacally rise during the period of combustion but is set. Lords of other than these signs lord of 3rd, 6th, 11 th, 7th, and 10th from Mooltrikona Rashi are enemies. If a planet is friend and also becomes enemy on other count then it is neutral equal. If posited in other houses - enmity. Predictive Astrology 75 One relationship Another relationship Net relationship 1.

The association 76 Predictive Astrology of Venus is not good. Venus lord of 4th house and Karka of 7th house could not give him comforts of home and married life. Planet in Swastha avastha results in sound health, gain from king or governemnt, education, fame, affection and love, marriage, prosperity, land and religious feelings etc. Mudit avastha of a planet during its dasha period such planet gives happiness from children, wealth, Predictive Astrology 77 clothes, use of scent, calmness, interest in religious matters, vehicles etc.

The Shanta avastha the planet showers happiness in regard to gain from land, acquisation of wealth, land, sons, wife, vehicles, education, honour from kings and interest in religious matters. Dukhi Avastha of the planet destroys the good effects,causes sufferings, foreign visits, seperation from kith and kins, theft or fire, fear from king etc. Deena Avastha of a planet shows fall from position, opposition from brothers and friends, meaness, discardation from own people, sickness or sufferrint from disease.

Vikal Avastha of a planet during own dasha period will give uneasiness, restlessness, worries physical and mental , death of friends, wife, children, dearth of clothes, vehicles, trouble from thieves. The planet in Khala avastha causes quarrel, seperation from father, trouble from enemies, loss of wealth and land and the native criticises his own men. Kopa avastha of the planet results in many kinds of troubles, loss of education, wealth, wife, children, troubles from son, eye trouble etc.

Note: 1 Dr. Raman has given ten avasthas. For the benefits of the readers, the different views of the sages are given here. The effects of each avastha as available in Mansagri are given in the table on page Even after the study of the analysis given by the learned astrologers the students are supposed to frame their own methods based on these principles to interpret the position of the planet and its effects likely to happen during his dasha period. There effects should also be taken into account for predictive purposes. The planets and the stars and their coreiationship with the signs of Zodiac, in which the planets were transiting at the time of particular moment the time of birth governs the future of the native.

The chart is nothing but a balance sheet of our past life or lives, containing our sanchit and prarabdha karmas. Out of the lawful sanchit karmas, some are to be enjoyed or suffered by the native in the present birth which are called prarabdha karmas. These karmas can be known only after analysing the birth chart together with different vargas and the dasha order.

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The promises assets and liabilities in the chart show sanchit karmas. The fructification of some during the present birth are knows as prarabdha karmas which can be ascertained with the help of dasha order and future transit. The manushya yoni is karma yoni, so the native has a free wil to do karma. With the help of the sincere efforts and punya karmas, service to the human beings and religious deeds, one can modify the evil effects and can also enhance the good effects promised in the birth chart.

The characteristics of rashis, planets and their avasthas etc. Explain the various planetary avastha. How are these useful in predictive astrology? Raman has given ten avasthas which can be easily adopted for examinations. The above positions have been discussed for sake of information. Capable of doing work, interested in scent and Flowers, learned, famous, gentle, happy, Kind, donor, destrovs enemies. Kopa Combust Troubles due to prolonged disease, addicted, defamed, blamed failure. What are the factors one should consider to ascertain the strength or weakness of a particular Bhava?

What do you understand by Uchchabhilashi and Neechabhilashi planet? Is it important to know the effect of a planet? What do you understand about the relation between house, lord of the house and Karaka of that house? What do you know about the strength of the planets and how can it be measured? Describe the relationship between planets. How does it affect the avastha position of a planet? Write your views on :— a Venus exalted, vargottam and combust.

Write a note on Planetary avasthas. How can you know about the capability of a planet? When he is supposed to give favourable, his own effects promised in the birth chart and unfavourable results. We have learnt about the 12 zodiac signs and their lords, 27 Nakshatras and their lords, characteristics of signs and planets, the point of deep exaltation, debilitation etc.

These planet give results of specific houses Bhavas of which they are lords or in which they are posited together with the Karakatwas assigned to them. Refer Chapter 3 Example: The 9th house deals with father. The 9th house, the lord of the 9th bhava and the Karaka for the 9th house representing father- all three will have to be cnsidered to know about the status of the father of the native.

The planet out of the seven planets from the sun to Saturn , Which has traversed maximum number of degrees in a sign or the planet which has maximum degrees excluding the signs traversed is Atma Karaka. The Atma Karaka is chief amongst other Karakas. He has full control over all the affairs of the native. If the Atma Karaka is adverse, other karakas can not give their benefic effects fully. If the Atma Karaka is favourable, other karakas can not frustrate the promises of Atma Karaka with their malefic influences. Rahu is also added to the seven planets from Sun to Saturn.

The planets are assigned fixed significations to be used for certain Karakatwas attached to them. The Sun is right eye. The stronger of the two is mother. The Moon is left eye. Maternal relatives, adopted son. Paternal Grand father, husband, sons also of elder brothers. Note:- For day birth the Sun is father, Venus is mother. For night birth Saturn is father, the Moon is mother. Jupiter 2nd Bhava kutumba, money matters etc.

Mars 3rd Bhava co-borns, parakrama etc. Mercury 10th Bhava karma etc. Jupiter 11th Bhava elder brothers and sisters Saturn 12th Bhava expenditure In addition to what has been said above by Parashara Rashi each Bhava signifies many other aspects also. Some specific significations are as follows: Example: 4th house Venus for convyance etc. A native born with such a cfmbination even if he is born in a low family, he is bound to rise high. If born in royal family, he will certainly become a king. This aspect will be discussed in detail while dealing with Yogas and Yoga Karakas in the chapters to follow: Illustration If we refer to chart I page 18, we will find : Predictive Astrology 89 i the position of the Sun ii Mars lord of 5th and 10th house posited in 9th house.

What do you understand by Karakatwas? How are char karakas found? Which planets are the sthir karakas for: a. Father b. Mother c. Paternal grand father d. Maternal grand father e. Paternal grand mother f. Wife g. Son h. Husband 3. How are karaka from karaka planets and bhavas found. Name the karaka for 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 12th, bhavas. What do you know about yoga karaka planets? Is the use of karkas necessary? Give your comments. Is there any indication given by Karakas regarding i Trouble to or from some one.

It therefore becomes necessary to verify the accuracy of the mathematical calculations of the horoscope. Another problem is that the parents do not note the exact time of birth either due to non availability of watches or for other reasons. The doctors in hospitals too are not aware of the importance of birth time for astrological purposes. There is a controversy about the time of birth whether the correct time for birth is i First sight of the part of body ii Fall out of the body on floor or table or iii first cry of the child.

The nurses or doctors attending to the delivery are first concerned about the safe delivery of the child and sometime it results into noting down the incorrect time of birth.

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While the importance of the correct instant is so much, we cannot lay any hard and fast rules which will enable us to find out this exact instant. It is accepted by learned astrologers that the exact time of birth is the time when the umbilical cord is cut. It Predictive Astrology 91 is the time when the child becomes an independant body. The child was getting, until then, everything with the help of mother's body. Now an independant function of the body of the child starts, and the child takes his first breath.

The time of first cry can also be taken. In many cases the child does not cry for many hours. It can again pose a problem. While describing the various combinations governing the process from conception garbhadhan to delivery of the child, the importance of the Moon as a source of impregnation etc. Therefore it is possible to rectify the time of birth by adjusting the Moon and Ascendant at birth and at conception. Sage Varahmihira observes in Brihat Jataka as under: Find the particular dwadashamsha of a sign which the Moon occupies at the time of conception garbhadhan.

Note the number of dwadashamsha or the rashi in which this dwadshamsha falls. Count from this rashi as many rashis as the number of dwadashamsha represented by dwadashamsha in question the dwadashamsha of Moon at the time of conception. The transit of Moon in the rashi so found in the month of delivery, the birth of a child may be expected. Here Moon is posited in Tula. The number of 92 Predictive Astrology dwadashamsha is fifth, which falls in Kumbha. The number of dwadashamsha is five, so count fifth Rashi from Kumbha i.

In case of Indira Gandhi the horoscope was discussed In astrological articles taking her lagna as karka or Simha. She died in October , but the astrologers could not reconcile on her correct lagna. We will simply say that to fix the correct birth time, is a very difficult task before an astrologer. An experienced astrologer, after properly applying the astrological principles can do this rectification on the basis of the past events in the life of the native.

The predictions have been given by both the groups.

Raj Yoga in vedic Astrology - Raj yoga in Kundali - राजयोग ज्योतिषी

The high Predictive Astrology 93 percentage of predictions from Sagittarius have come true. Still the native himself being a learned astrologer could not decide about his correct lagna till The correct time should be fifty three Ghatis and thirteen Vighatis after sunrise. Hence the time of birth needs some rectification as we have done in the earlier Example No. In the first case the time was reduced by two Vighatis or forty eight seconds to birth time.

In example II the time is to be increased.

Let us see the results. In this method we will check Ascendant Lagna As we know the Lagna is the sign of Zodiac rising in the Eastern horizon at time of birth. At time of sunrise the sign where Sun is posited rises in the East. The portion traversed by the Sun in that sign till the previous day will be the last to rise in the East. The exact point longitude of the Sun in that sign on a date of that sign at which Sun is posited at time of Sunrise the time it rises in the East.

After that Rashi one after the other rahsis at interval of about two hours, rises turn by turn till the next sunrise. The part of the sign upto the elapsed degrees of the Sun, rises just before sunrise and the sign just opposite to the Sun sign seventh sign rises at sunset. It is clear that the Ascendant of a Birth chart is totally linked to the position of the Sun. The following examples may be studied and the formulae may be tried on the horoscope in your records having correct Planetary positions and time of birth.

Predictive Astrology Example I: Refer to the bio - data given in the example 6. By applying this method we have calculated Karka Lagna for this native which is correct as per horoscope with us. This whole exercise is a must for an astrologer before he makes any forecast about the native. To correct Lagna there are many other methods.

Let us discuss a few such general methods : The principles are:. The lord of Moon sign is in lagna and lord is in the house of Moon sign lord.

But Moon sign lord is in 9th from the Moon. Moon is in 5th from Moon sign lord. Lagna will fall in the sign indicated by that Nakshatra. The sign indicated by the nakshatra will be his Lagna. Predictive Astrology 99 Other Opinions v If a person is born after midday before the Sunset, from Sun's constellation the 12th Nakshatra indicates Lagna. In first case it applies rule iv. Ashlesha falls in karaka. So native has karaka Ascendant. The construction of the physical body will be depending upon the sign of lagna or Moon.

The Gulik or Mandi and Pranpada etc. The same will be discussed in later books. This helps us in rectification of birth time. The most dependable method is of casting at least Saptavargas, calculation of mahadasha, antardasha and pratyantar dasha and also calculate transit for the important events of life of the native. Every event is to be tallied with these three major factors i Promise in the chart ii Its fructification according to dasha etc.

Hi Timing of the event with the help of transit. All these can be done only when at least sufficient knowledge of Astrological principles and their applications are well understood. The student must learn the subject from some experienced, learned astrologers and also gain experience in the company of his guide or Guru only then the rectification of birth time becomes possible Dr. Raman has given us a large number of books to study the subject. The future generation will be indebted to him for his service to the divine science.

Madras through its chapters all over India, specially Delhi Chapter I, under the guidance of the great astrologer of this century Dr. Raman is propagating astrology. Since Delhi Chapter the first institution which started astrology classes in Predictive Astrology India is conducting astrology classes for the elite people of this country, with a scientific approach, to prove the utility of this divine science.

Unless the past events are verified, no future prediction should be given and if there is any need the necessary correction in time of birth etc. What are the methods by which you can rectify birth time in case of doubt? Try them on any chart from your data. Which time of birth is taken, for casting of horoscopes? Is it possible to correct the birth time? Gandhi October 2, a. LMT Lat. The lord of second house Mars is posited in lagna.

The lord of third house Jupiter is posited in eighth house. The lord of sixth house Jupiter is posited in the eighth house. The lord qf seventh Mars is posited in lagna. The lord of the eighth house Venus is posited in lagna. The lord of ninth house Mercury is posited in lagna. The lord of tenth Moon is posited in eleventh house. The lord of eleventh house Sun is posited in twelfth and the lord of twelfth Mercury is posited in the lagna.

Lord of the lagna and eighth house Venus is posited in Lagna which is his own sign. Mercury-lord of ninth Dharma, Bhagya sthana and lord of twelth house of expenditure, bed comforts, foreign country, Moksha etc. Saturn lord of fourth education, landed property, mother, domestic life, etc. Dhana, Kutumba, eyes, etc.

Third Bhava has no planet. But the lord of third is posited in the eighth house. Fourth house has Ketu and lord of the fourth, the dispositor of Ketu, i. Saturn, is posited in second. Fifth, sixth, seventh houses do not have any planet, but their lords are in the second, eighth I 1. Predictive Astrology and lagna bhavas repectively. Jupiter lord of third and sixth houses posited in eighth or say eighth house has Jupiter, the lord of third and sixth. The dispositor of Jupiter, Venus is posited in Tula rashi own houes in the lagna. Ninth house is vacant house of Dharma, father etc.

However the lord of ninth is in lagna. The tenth house has Rahu and the dispositor of Rahu i. Moon is in eleventh house Labha sthana - house of gains etc. The eleventh house has tenth lord Moon, her dispositor Sun being posited'in twelfth. The twelfth house has eleventh lord Sun and Lord of twelfth dispositor of the Sun Mercury is posited in lagna. Kendras are Vishnu sthanas and Trikonas are Lakshmi sthanas. This means that the combination of these two assures the grace kripa of both Vishnu and Laksmi lakshmi Narayan.

One is very lucky if he has their combined grace kripa. It appears that the horoscope is very strong. By doing this exercise we may be able to know the future awaiting the native or the accumulated karma phala of his past births known as Sanchit Karmas. What are Prarabdha Karmas and when their results will manifest in the present birth? The great Rishis have devised many methods or tools to find out the answer to this question. One such great system is the system of Dasha Celestial Period. These Dashas Periods are further divided into Antardashas Sub-periods. As the Vimshottari Dasha is the most prevalent dasha we will discuss the same.

Therefore, Vimshottari Dasha is considered to be the most appropriate and best of all Dashas. The lord of nakshatra is called the lord of dasha. Every planet has its own dasha period. The figure in years, months, days etc. This figure when deducted from the total period of the dasha allotted to that planet who is Janma Nakshatra lord will give the balance of dasha bhogya dasha to be enjoyed by the native at the time of birth. The expired period of Mrigasira is fifty six ghatis and fifty five palas or palas. The total period of Mrigasira time taken by Moon to traverse the Mrigasira nakshatra is fifty nine ghatis thirty one pala or palas.

This method is based on panchangas and is known as traditional or classical method. For this we have to know the longitude of the Moon and the Janma Rashi. In the earlier chapters we have read that there are twenty seven nakshatras covering degrees , each nakshatra measures thirteen degrees twenty minutes and has four padas each measuring three degrees twenty minutes.

The start of both Nakshatra and Rashi chakra is from zero degrees Aries the first point of Zodiac. Ashwini Ketu 7 2. Bharani Venus 20 3. Krittika Sun 6 4. Rohini Moon 10 5. Mrigasira Mars 7 Predictive Astrology No. Ardra Rahu 18 7. Punarvasu Jupiter 16 8. Pushya Saturn 19 9. Aslesha Mercury 17 Magha Ketu 7 Phalguni Venus 20 Phalugni Sun 6 Hasta Moon 10 Chitra Mars 7 ' Swati Rahu 18 Vishakha Jupiter 16 Anuradha Saturn 19 Jyestha Mercury 17 Mula Ketu 7 Ashadha Venus 20 Ashadha Sun 6 Sravana Moon 10 Dhanisha Mars 7 Satabhisha Rahu 18 RBhadrapada Jupiter 16 Bhadrapada Saturn 19 Revati Mercury 17 1.

Let us see the horoscope of Mahatma Gandhi in Para 7. Refer to chart III. Against ten minutes bleow the column of Ketu we find one month one day. This is the balance of Ketu dasha running at the time of birth. For the present we may say that dashas are very important to be used for predictive purposes. Let us further explain the use of dasha from the following illustration: Mr.

A has a pronote for Rs. He is in a fix Predictive Astrology as to what to do, unless he knows that the date of maturity of the Pronote is before due date of payment of debt. If this is the position he is safe. He will get the money, before the due date of the payment. Who can help him for this , nobody except the maturity date on the pronote. The dasha plays the role of telling the maturity date. So we calculate the correct degrees of the Moon to find out the balance of Vimshottari Mahadasha running at the time of birth. Divide the product by ten, the quotient will be month and remainder multiplied by three will indicate days.

Example : Jupiter Mahadasha 16 years The first antardasha will be of Jupiter, second of Saturn, third of Mercury and so on the order of dasha, sub and sub-sub periods is the same. The students can practise any method which they think most easy and accurate. These methods can be used in similar ways for further reducing the dasha which will give the period in days and hours and so on. We can find out in hours and minutes also. This means it can be known that at a particular- moment the period that is running is favourable or unfavourable. What will be the result of the particular action done at that time.

The antardasha brings down this period to a minimum of 3 y 2 months and to a maximum of three years four months, and the pratyantar dasha further shortens the period to 5 days 9. This process helps us to tijme the event within maximum period of six months. This can further be reduced to shookshma dasha sub-sub-sub period and so on, the formula for calculation is the same. The interpretation of the effects of jthe various dashas needs a very deep study and under standing of the astrological principles.

It also nee ds practice to correlate all the information furnished in the previous chapters and the other princijples to be discussed in chapters to follow. What is Lagna? Lagna represent the native and his physical being, appearance, etc. This is called the first house of the Birth chart. This is the point from which the counting of other house Bhavas is made. The effect, of the other bhavas and plantes posited in those bhavas, on the various aspects of the life of the native are assessed with reference to this house first house.

Children The fifth house from the Ascendant, Moon and the lord of the 5th house — The benefic or ill effect due to their configurations — malefic if in own sign and posited in the 5th house — Other malefic if in the 5th house — If Leo, Virgo or Scorpio falls in the 5th house — Configuration for delay in birth of children sons — Child Son from the second wife — combination for many children — many daughters — yoga for no issues and end of generation — adopted sons — destruction of sons — Configuration for many sons — time for conceptions — number of children — yoga for birth of children or no issues — negative points to deny child birth due to lunar dates Tithi , Karan etc.

Ayur Bhav Longevity Difference of opinion as to which time should be accepted as the time of birth — Child mortality up to the age of 12 years and influence of planetary positions in the horoscope of mother and father- Yogarishta — Short life — Medium life — Long life- Dinmrityu — Din ruk — Vishaghatis — Yoga for child mortality — Ascendant — Moon Decanet — Lords of Ascendant and Moon sign Navansha — Lords of Ascendant, Moon sign Dwadashansha — Yoga for short, medium, long life — Longevity consideration due to angular positions etc.

Special consideration of the lord of the 8th house — Lord of Ascendant, Navansha Lord of Ascendant — Lord of Moon sign- Lord of the Navansha of Moon — according to their strength and weakness the longevity decision viz. Decision about Disease Future birth Bhava Chinta Houses Analysis When does a bhava give the best effect?

The 12th houses — Special house — Consideration from significator — Counting of 12 houses from the significator and their consideration — If the significator is posited in the house it signifies — If a planet ruling 2 houses is placed in its own sign which is in a good place then it does not show the negative effect of ownership of dusthana — relationship of five types. The effect of the aspect of other planets on Moon in various signs. The placement of Moon in different Navansha and the result of the aspect of other planets in it — The placement of Sun in Navansha, Ascendant Navansha — Dwadashansha results.

Anatardasa Phal — Influence of Minor Periods of Planets The results of the minor period in the major periods of planets — The results of Ascendant, lord of the Ascendant, house of wealth, the lord of the second house etc. Mixed Periods Kalachakra major periods, minor periods — Duration of Major Periods — method of calculation of elapsed and balance periods — The sequence of various signs depending upon the quarter of every constellation — duration of each sign — minor period in every major period — logical effect due to the lord of a sign — effect due to transit — Various movements — Detailed definition of all these with examples — Adhan as well as major periods as a result of 5th and 8th constellation from the birth star — Nisarga Dasha — Ansha Dasha — Opinion of Satyacharya — Pindayur Dasha — Opinions of Jeeva Sharma, Marretha, Chankya, Maya etc.

Ashtak Vargas Principles of Transit through Ashtakvarga — The process of casting the Ashtakvarga of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn — Upachaya — sign of friend, own or in Venus and Saturn — Upachaya — sign of friend, own or in Anupchaya, sign of an enemy or debilitated planet — logical in their interpretations — The good or evil effects of one or more points Bindus — to decipher beneficial or evil results by making a planet as ascendant — Eight class of every sign — good or bad times as per the class — Sarvashtak Varga — with example.

Ashtak Varga Phala — Interpretations of the Ashtak Varga To decide the good or evil times of father, mother, brother etc. Construction of the Sarvatobhadra Chakra — Effect due to transit — With complete commentary. Sanyas Yoga Combination of four planets — The effect of the rise of the last portion of a sign — The Sanyas of the strong planet — The effect due to the decanet of Moon — if the Moon sign receives aspect of Saturn — The type of Sanyas according to the strongest of Sun, Moon, Mar etc.

Upsanharadhdyaya The details of various topics discussed in details by the Writer of the book. Appendices: a The table of minor periods in the major periods of Vimshotari Dashas - b The table of minor periods in the major periods of Kala Chakra Dasha- c To calculate the balance and elapsed periods from the longitudes of Moon in Kala Chakra Dasha — Table No. Contact Us: , Follow Us:. All Rights Reserved.